COVID-19 Protocols

Updated 12/28/2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Belleville TEC is working diligently to resume retreats safely using all the public health tools and best practices that are available to us. These protocols are based on guidelines issued by the Diocese of Belleville and the state of Illinois, and they are rooted in the compassion and mutual care that help us build a Christian community.

Upon arriving for the weekend, all team and candidates will be required to show proof of full vaccination OR a negative test result collected within 72 hours of arrival (Friday night for team, Saturday morning for candidates). Phone pictures are fine for these items. Anyone not presenting one of these items upon arrival will be sent home and their registration fee refunded if applicable.

Everyone participating in the retreat, including part-time volunteers, will be required to wear masks indoors at all times during the day, except while eating and drinking.
Masks are encouraged in sleeping rooms.
Outdoor mask breaks will be taken as needed.

Social distancing will be encouraged and will be factored into seating plans in group settings.
Dining chairs will be distanced appropriately.
Sleeping room capacity will be limited to 4 or 5 people (in a standard-size classroom), to encourage social distancing.

All attendees will undergo a temperature check upon arrival and first thing every morning.
A symptom tree will be available and utilized.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
Tables in group settings will be sanitized frequently.
Bathrooms will be sanitized frequently.

All meals will be served by gloved and masks servers – no self-service at meals.
Disposable tableware will be used at all meals.
Snacks will be pre-packaged.
Drink cups will be labeled to discourage sharing of drinks.

Belleville TEC appreciates everyone’s cooperation with these rules, which are designed to let us resume gathering together in Jesus’ name at a time when love and grace are needed most.