How TEC has changed lives…

‘I simply cannot put it in words. How can I deserve hundreds of people helping me on my faith journey while becoming some of the greatest and best friends? How can I describe the difference TEC has made in my marriage to St Kaye? How can I put into words the feelings of watching the Tecites go from “uhgs” to “hugs” in 3 short days? But, most important…how can I describe God’s love I have felt for well over 30 years in the TEC family???’ -Jim Ruppel

‘I have always felt that TEC connected the dots for me, I had the knowledge of the Lord through my family, through parochial school, through the Sacraments and attending the Mass, but I did not put it all together until TEC. I experienced my faith on TEC.’ – Ann Stock

How did TEC make you a better Catholic? ‘My overwhelming impression of how Jesus loves us through others and how many different ways there are to show that — through service, through presence, through affection, through prayer. We try to model Christian life and community on a TEC, and that means the most when we model Christian LOVE.’ – Mary Poletti

‘I have always been a service oriented person. That is just who I am, but TEC took that to a whole new level and has made me appreciate being able to serve, but also realizing just how much Jesus serves us every day.’ – Carol Underwood Pass

TEC is a supportive family: ‘When I was struggling, TEC was there for me. The TEC Family gave me support that I needed when I was struggling. They have pushed me to be a better Catholic and a better human being! When I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere in the church, TEC was there for me and has helped me find where I need to be!’ – Sarah Harbaugh