Frequently Asked Questions

Are TEC and Quest holding weekends in person at this time?
Yes, we are prayerfully preparing to resume holding weekends in person with as many health and safety precautions as possible. Click here to view COVID-19 protocols for TEC weekends.

Who can participate in TEC?
TEC is geared toward high school juniors and seniors, but college students and young adults are also welcome to participate as observers.

Who can participate in Quest?
Quest is especially for high school freshmen and sophomores, but parents, youth ministers and other interested adults are also welcome join us as observers.

Who leads the TEC or Quest weekend?
Students, single adults, married couples, priests, sisters, old, young, all walks of life — all of these come together to make the weekend a success!

How long does TEC last?
TEC is a three-day retreat. It begins at 11am on Saturday and ends at about 5pm on Monday. Please don’t arrive late or leave early — TEC must be experienced in its entirety.

How long does Quest last?
Quest begins at 10am on Saturday and ends at about 7pm on Sunday. Please don’t arrive late or leave early — Quest must be experienced in its entirety.

When are TEC and Quest weekends held?
We hold two to three TEC weekends and two to three Quest weekends throughout the year. Click here for upcoming dates and locations.

Where are TEC and Quest weekends held?
Our retreats are held at parishes and retreat centers throughout the diocese — Past weekends have been held in all corners of the diocese, from Millstadt to Mt. Carmel, Cairo to Centralia.

How much does TEC cost?
Most TEC weekends cost $80. This covers the cost of your food for the weekend.  A $30 deposit is required with your application to reserve your spot on the weekend.

How much does Quest cost
Quest weekends cost $40.  This covers the cost of your food for the weekend.  A $5 deposit is required with your application.

What am I supposed to bring to a TEC or Quest?
An open heart & mind! Oh, and you should also bring comfortable clothes (including one change of dress clothes for Sunday Mass), your usual shower stuff, and bedding/air mattress suitable for sleeping on the floor.

You definitely should NOT bring weapons, alcohol or drugs.

We also ask that you don’t bring any electronics or a watch. This is a time for you to unplug from our overly plugged-in world and connect with your faith away from the noise, distractions and over-connectedness. Yes, this includes your phone. Please leave it in your car; if not, you will have an opportunity to turn it in to us, and we do ask that you turn it in. Your family will be given an emergency number.