TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) is an opportunity for a special time in a young person’s life. At TEC you can experience that you are not alone at the in between time of moving into adult life. In the three-day weekend of TEC, you can experience being part of a vibrant, loving, and supportive faith community in which the friendship of Jesus Christ becomes a real possibility that makes sense.

TEC is very human. Team members of adults and youth from various walks of life entrust to the participants some of the struggles, joys, and feelings they have experienced in their own lives. TEC provides a space to reflect upon one’s own ideals, hopes, dreams, and problems; to discover a God that you can believe in . . . a Christ you can encounter as risen and alive in your midst.


The FOCUS of each of the three days builds upon the previous day:

DAY 1: Die Day  A day in which participants begin by looking at their goals and ideals, the example of the life of Jesus and His call for us to look at what we need to change in our lives to be a better person and have a better relationship with God.

DAY 2: Rise Day  A day focusing on God’s unconditional love for us, our response to God’s love, the signs of God’s presence in our lives, a day of rejoicing in the resurrection of Jesus.

DAY 3: Go Day  A day is which we are invited to share what we have experienced with those we meet in our daily life.



Quest is a fast-paced 33-hour Christian experience for high school freshmen and sophomores.  It is a time to come together to find out about God, friendships, and self in a fun-filled, thoughtful, and carefree surrounding.  A time to meet new people while praying, playing, singing, and sharing with them.  Quest gives you the chance to search for the real you.


Harvest is a two-day, two-night renewal of your TEC experience in the great outdoors. Go deeper in your faith and learn more about who Jesus is to you and what following Him looks like in your life. With a more relaxed setting, there’s plenty of time for reflection and recreation. Camping is encouraged!

Harvest is open to anyone who has made a TEC, has graduated from high school and is at least 18 years old. (Yes, we mean anyone, whether you made your first TEC last year or 20 years ago!) It’s led primarily by young adults.