Quest Board

What is the Quest Board?  The Quest board meets once a month to discuss and make decisions about the Quest program.  We do everything from set the dates and locations of the weekends, team formation, recruitment, community events and much more.

The Current Board

  • Chairperson: Diane Klostermann
  • Vice-Chairperson: Marty Diekemper
  • Treasurer: Cheryl Dressler
  • Secretary: Theresa Schmidt
  • Director of Communication: Dave Hollinshead
  • Director of Materials: Chris Streetman
  • Director of O.A.T.S. Team: Cathy Hayes
  • Director of Observers: Chris Sauerhage
  • Director of Teen Team: Katelyn Vogelbacher
  • Spiritual Moderator: Fr. Pat Peter

The Quest Board meets once a month on the third Wednesday of the month.  The location varies each month as everyone on the Board takes turns hosting the meetings.  For more information on the location of the meetings email us at

Quest elects its board members through an annual mailing in the spring.

Read the Belleville Quest Social Media Policy.